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1. What is Bifico?

Bifico is an nnovative synbiotic for children and adults. A unique composition of best chocolate and patented probiotic strain GanedenBC30 makes Bifico the most delicious synbiotic product on market. Live cultures hidden in Bifico support immunal health and provide digestive benefits.

2. When consume Bifico?

Bifico is a food supplement and can be consumed regularly on daily basis. Probiotic strain GanedenBC30 support immunal and digestive health. Bifico is an advanced solution for patients taking antibiotics to top up the intestines with friendly bacteria.

3. Why eat Bifico?

Bifico contains GanedenBC30, which is a patented probiotic strain. It supports Immune Health @500 million CFU/daily.
When the body is challenged (examples by colds and flu) it helps up regulate the protective cytokines to help fight the challenge. 
When the body is challenged by over acting cytokines (example inflammation related to arthritis) it helps down regulate these cytokines to reduce the causative issue. 
GanedenBC30 supports Digestive Health @1 billion CFU/daily. It survives gastric transit to germinate in the intestines , reduces abdominal pain and bloating, reduces post prandial gas. Above those it inhibits multiple pathogenic strains commonly found in the intestines and enhances utilization of consumed nutrients such as protein and minerals. 

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