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Good bacteria


Probiotics are good live bacteria which support Immune health and Digestive health.

The Digestive System
Your Gateway to Improved Health
Your digestive system is an incredibly intricate structure that powers your entire body.
It's home to 70 percent of your immune system and it's where nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed. According to the American Gastroenterological Association, the digestive system supports the body by performing two essential functions:
(1) the absorption of nutrients and
(2) the elimination of harmful bacteria.
These are pretty important jobs our body performs to keep us healthy and feeling our best. We all know that an overworked or unhealthy digestive system can make life pretty miserable with too many trips to the bathroom – or not enough. In order to keep these functions running smoothly your digestive system needs a proper balance of good vs. bad bacteria. Supplementing your diet with probiotics, like GanedenBC30, can help support that balance.
Research on GanedenBC30 demonstrates the probiotic does a lot to keep your digestive system functioning at full speed. Several studies found that GanedenBC30 reduced bloating and gas and even abdominal pain. In addition to helping people digest food better, GanedenBC30 increased utilization of minerals and proteins and can even support immune function. So do your digestive system a favor and add GanedenBC30 to your diet now!

The Immune / Digestive Connection
Your immune and digestive systems - like two peas in a pod.
Scientists are learning that your digestive system is responsible for a lot more than, well, digestion. For example: An astounding 70 percent of your immune system is housed in this intricate structure. It makes sense then that a healthy digestive system benefits the immune system, and scientists are uncovering how.
The immune cells in your digestive tract share their space with a community of over 400 species of naturally occurring bacteria – some helpful, some harmful. Keeping a healthy level of these “good” bacteria, or probiotics, is one key to maintaining your digestive and immune health. How can you ensure that you've got a good balance of bacteria in your gut? A healthy diet low in sugar and refined foods is the first step toward healthy intestines, and therefore a healthy immune system. A great safeguard is to regularly consume probiotics, like GanedenBC30, that may help support your immune system by keeping the levels of the good vs. bad bacteria in balance…creating an optimal environment for your immune system to function.
Research demonstrates that GanedenBC30 is a great choice for a probiotic with an immune-boosting kick. When the body is presented with various antigens (bad guys), GanedenBC30 has been shown to help the body make the right choices to defend itself. Multiple studies also show that GanedenBC30 positively affects a large number of blood markers in the body that correlate to an overall healthier immune system.

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